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The TEAM scholarship

The TEAM scholarship covers
  • A monthly allowance
  • Full insurance cover (Health, Travel, Accident)
  • A round-trip ticket Japan/Republic of Korea <=> Europe.
  • If applicable: Participation fees (only for doctorate mobilities of 12 months) transferred to host university

The monthly allowance and duration of the TEAM scholarship depends on the type of mobility:

Type of mobilityDurationAmount
Doctorate6 months to 12 months1500€*
Post-doctorate6 months to 10 months1800€*
Staff1 month2500€*

*Excluding potential taxes and social costs

The duration of doctorate and post-doctorate mobilities needs to be defined between the scholarship holder, host and home university with respect to the minimum and maximum duration per type of mobility (see above). The agreed duration needs to be indicated in the workplan.


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