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Previous Scholarship Holders

Doctorate scholarship holders

NameHome institutionHost institutionResearch projectContact
Tamás MatuszkaELTEKAISTThe design and implementation of a Semantically Enhanced Context-Aware Augmented Reality Browsermail
Ionut-Cosmin DutaUNITNUTokyoHuman action recognition from videos using deep learningmail
Sangjo YooGISTAaltoModeling of mobile fading channels using conformal
Keun Yong RyuCNUTUBDeveloping video analysis application connected to streaming server for SDNmail
Ryangsoo KimGISTUC3MEnergy-efficient Networking
Lauri JuvelaAaltoUTokyoFO robust spectral estimation to speech synthesis vocoder
Pierre TalbotSorbonne UniversitéUTokyoConcurrent programming languages
Shogo AndoUTokyoTUBSDN and 5G Network
Dénes BarthaELTEUTokyoAlgorithms in Computational Biology / Bioinformaticsmail
Colm Mc CaffreyAaltoUTokyoRadio Science, Wireless Power Transfermail
Boram JinKAISTUC3M5G, LTE network optimization
Foivos Ioannis MichelinakisUC3MKAISTNetwork optimization/large scale Network measurementsmail
Fabian EichhornTUBUTokyo5G! Pagodamail
Jun-Sik ShinGISTTUBContainer Networkingmail
Jungsu HanGISTSorbonne UniversitéCloud computingmail
Kai ShimagakiUTokyoSorbonne UniversitéStatistical Inferencemail
Saemi ChoiUTokyoUNITNAffective Computingmail
Marco MancaUniversity of PaviaGISTAnaesthesia Depth Monitoring by Cerebral Hemodynamic Measurementmail
Balazs BarnaCorvinus University of Budapest
NAISTGamification in Business Educationmail
Roland BerkemeierAlbert-Ludwigs-Universität FreiburgUTokyoVirtual/augmented Reality (informatics)mail
Paolo CasaniUniversity College LondonNAISTDigital Humanities: Social impacts of ICTsmail
Sergio CicconiUNITNNAISTSocial Informaticsmail
Léopold CrestelSorbonne UniversitéUTokyoAutomatic projective orchestrationmail
Pauline de Banes GardonneEcole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS)KEIORole of ICT startups in Japan and Korea's systems of innovationmail
Valentina FermanelliChalmers University of TechnologyUTokyoNonlinear Mixed Effects models in Metabolic Flux Analysis of Lipid Metabolomemail
Pablo FernandezUC3MNAISTHuman identification using appearance and gait informationmail
Ines Goicoechea TelleriaUC3MNAISTBiometric recognitionmail
Adam HeribanSorbonne UniversitéNAISTRealistic Robot Networkmail
Mercedes Huertas MiguelanezUNITNKAISTCommunity engagementmail
Boldizsár NemethELTENAISTRefactoringmail
Jorge Sanchez CasanovaUC3MGISTBiometric recognitionmail
Francesco SavaresePolitecnico di TorinoUTokyoMachine learning on fused data for embedded decision mail
Michele ScarlatoUniversity of CagliariGISTSDN/NFV fieldmail
Nisamanee SombatruangUniversity College LondonNAISTEconomics of Cyber Securitymail
Yixin ShenUniversité Paris DiderotUTokyoQuantum cryptanalysismail
Evangelos SpyrouAristotle University of ThessalonikiKEIOOptimal routing of individual cars and fleets in a road networkmail
Victor Suarez Paniagua UC3MUTokyoNatural language processingmail
Daisuke TanakaUTokyoUNITNThe human genome analysis using the roboticsmail
Paloma Tirado MartinUC3MCNUBiometric recognitionmail
Manuel VazquezUniversità degli studi di TriesteGISTNon-conventional Graphene Functionalization and novel mail

Post Doctorate scholarship holders

NameHome institutionHost institutionResearch subjectContact
Jong Gwan LimKAISTUNITNDevelopment of a motorized wheelchair for severely disabled peoplemail
Shino IwamiUTokyoELTEScientometrics and Bibliometrics (Data Science for Policy, using Big Data and Graph Theory)mail
Matthieu VergneTrento/Sorbonne UniversitéNAISTArtificial Intelligence
Emil VataiELTEUTokyoImplementation of algorithm, teaching cooperation
Shota NagayamaKEIOELTE"Artificial Intelligence and deep learning:
Cyber Physical Systems for Smart Factories"
Alberto FornaserUNITNNAISTComputer Sciencemail
Thomas SchmittUniversity of Paris-SudNAISTMachine learningmail
Billal AlloucheCEA LETI GrenobleGISTMaterial Science and Engineeringmail
Guillaume HabaultIMT AtlantiqueKEIOInternet of thingsmail
Goki MiyakitaKEIOAALTOSemantic Computing and Digital Humanitiesmail
Yuki SatoKEIOAALTOTotal lifecycle information management of itemsmail

Staff scholarship holders

NameHome institutionHost institutionResearch projectContact
Sébastien TixeuilSorbonne UniversitéNAISTNetworks and systems: Self-stabilization
Francesca BeltonUNITNUTokyoAdministrative staff exchange
Viktória ZsókELTEGISTHPC (High Performance Computing) & Cloud
Yuzo TaenakaUTokyoUC3MData networks
JongWon KimGISTSorbonne UniversitéInternet Technology
Fabrizio GranelliUNITNUTokyoResearch and education in software defined and virtualized 5G Radio Access Network infrastructuresmail
Rudi TranquilliniUNITNNAISTProject management in ICT proposal writing H2020 EU-Japanmail
Hugues RichardSorbonne UniversitéKEIOBioinformatics and Computational Biologymail
Reda BendraouSorbonne UniversitéKAISTSoftware Engineeringmail
Luis Miguel Contreras MurilloUC3MUTokyoNetwork Softwarization & 5Gmail
Michiko InoueNAISTSorbonne UniversitéNetworks and systems: Self-stabilizationmail
Gérard AssayagSorbonne Université UTokyoArtificial intelligencemail
Lom Messan HillahSorbonne Université UTokyoSelf-adaptive software systemsmail
Stefan CovaciTUBUTokyoSecurity by Design and Zero - Touch security management of 5G virtualized and sliced networksmail
Uichin LeeKAISTSorbonne UniversitéIoT & Machine Intelligencemail
Fukuhito OoshitaNAISTSorbonne UniversitéSelf-stabilizing mobile robotsmail

Success stories


Dénes Bartha, at UTokyo in Japan

Dénes BARTHA pictureErasmus TEAM Mundus has offered a great opportunity. I knew that it would be beneficial for my professional development. I was always interested in the field of Bioinformatics and here at the University of Tokyo there are great laboratories that are focusing on this field. Besides that I was also interested in Japanese language and culture.

So, if you ever wanted to try out yourself at a foreign institute in another country, this program was made for you !



Sangjo Yoo, at Aalto University in FinlandS_Yoo_at Kauppatory in Helsinki

Being part of this program gave me not only unique experiences in conducting research with international specialists of the host laboratory but, more importantly, also human networks to potentially create collaborative research with world-class experts as well as job opportunities.

The TEAM project also created a lot opportunities for me to be networked with experts in Finnish research institute and industries.


Ionut Cosmin Duta, at UTokyo in JapanIonut Cosmin Duta at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo

The TEAM programme offered me the possibility of performing research abroad at a top university and covered most of the costs of this mobility. The impact on my personal future is life experience that I gain by getting in contact with a completely new culture.

The projects I conducted in Japan with a very competitive research group, will help me for my future research and open perspectives for future collaborations even after the TEAM program ends. This can be the starting point of more collaborations.



Tamas Matuszka, at KAIST in South KoreaTamás Matuszka in Daejeon

My mobility within the TEAM programme enabled me to live in a totally different culture than the European and to work together with foreign colleagues of such a reputable institution like KAIST.

The research that was performed during the TEAM scholarship resulted in a chapter of my doctoral thesis. In addition, we have written two papers together with KAIST researchers. This scholarship enabled me to build an international network and can significantly increase my possibilities to work abroad as a researcher in the future.



Keun Yong Ryu, at TUB in GermanyKeunYongRyu_east side gallery Berlin

There are two reasons why I applied for the TEAM program. The first is mutually to share a research. I wanted to communicate with people from other countries about similar research. The second is mutually to share culture and thought. I also wanted to learn culture of other countries and to let them know Korean culture.



TEAM Final meeting in Madrid

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TEAM scholarship holders at NAIST

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