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TEAM Mundus overview

Erasmus Mundus TEAM – Technologies for information and communication, Europe – east Asia Mobilities

The TEAM Erasmus Mundus project brings together world class higher education and research institutions as well as industrial partners in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and its applications. The objectives of the TEAM partnership are to create a network of excellence in ICT innovation between Europe, Japan and the Republic of Korea and to offer the best opportunities to talented junior and senior ICT researchers through international mobility between Europe and East Asia.

The TEAM project is an Erasmus Mundus Action 2-Strand 2 Programme, funded by the European Commission. Throughout the project duration, 110 scholarships will be awarded at a doctorate, post-doctorate and staff level. TEAM will provide scholarships for 72 candidates for their mobility from Europe towards Japan and Republic of Korea and 38 scholarships for the mobility of Japanese and Korean candidates towards Europe. Focusing on doctoral training and career perspectives of junior researchers, two thirds of the scholarships will be awarded at the doctorate level.

The project started in July 2014 and the first scholarship holders started their mobility from September 2015.

A last call for applications will be open, only for academic and administrative staff from the TEAM partner universities, from 10 July to 02 October 2017.


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