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Which conditions do I need to fulfill in order to be eligible for a TEAM scholarship?

Please read carefully following pages explaining the application requirements and regarding the type of mobility you apply for:
Academic and Administrative Staff.


Can I apply for more than one academic offer?

Candidates can apply for up to two academic offers that must be selected within the online application form. These academic offers can either be proposed by the same host university or by two different host universities.


What is an open application?

In the case that no academic offer corresponds to your profile, you can submit an open application. In order to submit such an application, you must contact your preferred hosting university and define together a project. An invitation letter from the hosting university must be uploaded in the application as well as a work plan signed by the applicant, host and home universities.

The host institution will be glad to help you to find the right interlocutor, so do not hesitate to contact them (you will find the contact on individual university pages).

What to do if my research project does not correspond to the published academic offers?

The TEAM partner universities publish their academic offers. Candidates should carefully read the academic offers of their targeted host university. Full list of academic offers by partner university

In the case that no academic offer corresponds to their profile and their research project, eligible applicants can submit an open application. In order to submit such an application, they must contact their preferred hosting university and define together a project. Applicants in this situation will find all relevant links to faculties and laboratories of partner universities as well as contacts from local TEAM project managers here. The supervisor at the home university could also help you.

In the case of an open application an invitation letter from the hosting university must be uploaded in the application.


Can I apply for a post-doctorate mobility if I do not yet have accomplished my doctorate?

You can apply for a TEAM post-doctorate mobility if you are in your last year of doctorate and if your graduation is foreseen for August 2016 at the latest. Instead of your doctorate degree, please upload a letter from your local enrollment/study office confirming the dates of your planned thesis defense and as well the provisional dates of diploma delivery.
Please note that in this case you apply for a conditional acceptance and that you will have to provide your doctorate diploma before starting your mobility.


What is a Work Plan?

The work plan fixes in written form the objectives of the mobility depending on the research activity of the scholarship holder. This contract determine the courses (if applicable) and research /training project that must be followed at the host university. The document must be validated and signed by the three parties (the scholarship holder, the supervisor at the home university and the supervisor at the host university) before the actual beginning of the mobility.


May I send documents in another language than English ?

No. You have to upload all documents (motivation letter, CV etc.) in English except your official documents such as the copy of your passport, diplomas.


How does the selection work?

Please find more information on the selection process here.


When will I be informed about the results of the selection?

Please refer to the timetable. Selection results will be communicated by email.


When does the mobility start for selected scholarship holders?

In general the mobilities will start at the beginning of the academic year, which means in September/October. At the latest, mobilities, except for staff, must start before December 31 of the year. The start dates for staff mobilities can be fixed with more flexibility together by the host institution and the scholarship holder. Please also refer to specified dates indicated in the academic offers.




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