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You apply for a TEAM Erasmus Mundus scholarship via an online application tool. The following four steps have to be taken by applicants:

  1. Create an account for the online application tool
  2. Fill in the application form and apply to up to two academic offers
  3. Upload the required application documents
  4. Validate and close your application

In order to get started, consult the specificities by the type of mobility you apply for.

No more calls for applications will be open for doctorates.


If you are master student in your last year of study:

You can apply for a TEAM scholarship at the doctorate level.
Your selection would be under condition: you will only be considered eligible if you complete your master diploma and provide to the coordinator and the hosting university your master diploma before the start of your TEAM mobility. In addition, you will need to provide a certificate from your home university stating your enrollment for doctorate studies.


Open application:

In the case that no academic offer corresponds to their profile, applicants can submit an open application. In order to submit such an application, they must contact their preferred hosting university and define a project together. An invitation letter from the potential academic supervisor of the hosting university must be uploaded in the application as well as a work plan signed by the applicant, the home university and the host university.


If you aim to apply for a scholarship with a duration of 12 months:

The TEAM project encourages the set-up of COTUTELLE (jointly supervised thesis by your supervisor at the home university and a supervisor at the host university). You should thus find a co-supervisor in a laboratory of your host university.
In order to do so, ask your supervisor to provide you with information about current projects undertaken jointly with partner universities. This should help you to contact a professor willing to become your supervisor at the host university.
You should also search on the web sites of the laboratories in the field of ICT of partner universities to identify potential co-supervisors doing research in your field.
Please note that the set-up of a cotutelle is not mandatory for the 12 months mobility.


Placement period / internship during the TEAM mobility:

As a TEAM doctorate scholarship holder you have the opportunity to do a placement period/internship during or after your mobility period in your host country/region.

  • As a European TEAM scholarship holder, the placement period can take place either in Japan or Korea.
  • As a Korean or Japanese TEAM scholarship holder, you can do a placement period in one of the EU countries participating in the TEAM project (DE, ES, FI, FR, HU, IT).

This placement period can be offered by an associate partner of the TEAM consortium or external institutions/companies and has to be agreed with the academic supervisor of the host and home university at the beginning of the mobility.

  • Doctorates of a duration of 12 months can do a placement period after having spent 6 months at the host university and within their 12 month mobility. If the placement is maximum 3 months and is an integral part of the academic offer and the work plan, the TEAM monthly allowances will be paid during the placement period.
  • Doctorates of a duration of 6 months can do a placement period in their host country after finishing their 6 month mobility at the host university. In this case, the TEAM monthly allowance can no longer be paid. However, the TEAM project could cover insurance for the placement of ca. 3 months. A written demand has to be addressed to the coordinator.


Application documents to upload by all doctorate candidates:


  • Your curriculum vitae in English (The EUROPASS format can be uploaded)
  • Letter of Motivation presenting your research project and the desired outcomes of the mobility
  • Copy of passport or a copy of your ID card
  • Proof of registration at your home university (student card and/or certification of employment), if applicable
  • Copy of your Master diploma OR a certification from your university stating the provisional date of termination of your Master
  • Copy of your transcript of records of your Master (if applicable)
  • Workplan (to be signed by the candidate, the home and host university) – provide 2 Workplans if you select 2 academic offers


  • Language certificate if required in the academic offer(s) you apply for
  • Letter of recommendation
  • List of publications

Applicants can select up to two academic offers from one or two host universities. The first choice will be given priority.

If you chose two academic offers, then your research project should correspond to the profile of both choices and hosting universities and you should provide two workplans for each hosting university.

Whilst completing your application, it is highly advised to communicate with the contact person of the academic offer or the host university in order to discuss your work/research plan.

The Workplan(s) should be signed by the candidate, the home university and the host university.




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